PIEG is an academic training group which was established under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Nejat Arpak, an academician in the Department of Periodontology of Dentistry Faculty in Ankara University, and has been active since 2009, with the aim to support independent researches in the field of implantology and improve the scientific and clinical knowledge in this field.


PIEG has been actively maintaining its activities in 3 main fields, namely research, development and training, taking the scientific knowledge as a basis.


With the working groups established, PIEG, aims at ensuring delivery of better services in implantology and related fields to the patients of the dentists, by conducting researches in the faculties of dentistry and maintaining close cooperation with the clinicians working in private Clinics.


Target and vision of (PIEG) Planmed Implantology Education Group is conduct of independent training activities, support courses, symposiums, conferences and working groups in this field and disseminate realistic opinions, by considering the scientific ethic in the fields of dental implantology and the relevant fields.